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You Might Be Pregnant

When a woman wants to have a baby she is going to be looking out for signs of being pregnant the whole time. Here is a guide to those symptoms for husbands so the he knows what to do if his wife tells him about any or all of these things.

A missed period is usually a cause for either concern or joy, depending on the circumstances. If you are trying to have a child then it is cause for some celebration unless your wife is under a lot of stress as this can cause her to miss her period as well.

A positive result on more than one pregnancy test is a sure sign that your wife is pregnant. If she comes running into the room waving a strange looking plastic stick saying that it is positive this is your cue to jump up and give her a great big hug as she is pregnant. If she has missed her period but not yet taken a pregnancy test but her breasts are tender and she seems to be putting on a little bit of weight you may want to suggest that she take a test as these are signs that she may be pregnant as well.

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1. to Fly or Not To Fly…

Just because a woman is pregnant does not mean she is an invalid and should be confined to her bed for the duration of the pregnancy. She is still able to do a lot of things. One thing she should be careful of, though, is flying when pregnant. This kind of travel can place a lot of stress on both the mother and her unborn child. The safest time to travel by plane is during your second trimester. The baby will have grown to a level that makes it less delicate than in the first trimester where even a hard knock at the wrong time can cause damage. It is also when you are going to be suffering from things like morning sickness the least.

You are also less at risk for going into labour at this stage than you would be in the third trimester. Of course, it is always best to get advice from your doctor, who knows you and your baby best, about whether or not you can travel by plane or not at any stage of your pregnancy. It is best not to take risks, so if you are not sure about how safe it is  then rather do not fly when you are pregnant.


Tips for When You Try To Get Pregnant

When your biological clock is ticking away you are probably going to experience that most women label as feeling broody. This is your desire to have children and you will be trying to get pregnant when this feeling kicks in. Here are some tips to kick start the process. Get onto a healthy diet and some prenatal vitamins. A poor diet can stop your body from being receptive to the embryo that results from the fertilization of an egg cell.

You should also try to minimise your stress levels as stress can play havoc with your natural internal processes, including your menstrual cycles. Keep track of your menstrual cycles. This will let you know when you are at your most fertile and receptive to conception. It is generally around fourteen days from your last period ending, but it can vary with a day or two as not all women release their egg cells like a clockwork soldier. The best thing you can do is be hopeful and positive and keep trying even when you do not have any success for a few months. It could be that you are just not ready yet or that there was a small thing wrong with the pH of your uterus that month.


Work out the Odds of You Being Pregnant

If you have been researching pregnancy on the internet you may have come across something called an online pregnancy quiz. This is a nifty little program that will help you to calculate the odds of you actually having conceived the last time you had intercourse. You will need to have some information about your regular menstrual cycles ready though. So get that brain in gear. These are not necessarily the most accurate estimations of whether you might be pregnant or not. Your own body is a much better indicator.

If you really want to be sure then it is better to take a pregnancy test. The quiz could tell you if it is worthwhile taking a test or not though. Besides, it can be quite fun to see what the odds of having conceived is, especially if you have been trying to have a baby. If you are smart you could even try to use it to determine when the best time is to try to conceive instead of working out whether you have conceived or not. If you do decide to take an online quiz then just be as accurate and truthful with yourself as you can to have the best chance of getting an accurate result.

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